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So yeah, back to the dreams.

The first one was just weird. I think the penis belonged to me, but I dunno. It had piercings and stuff and tattoos. On one side of it was a zipper and when unzipped, a chain fell out...I dunno. I remember cringing the whole time.

I finally woke up from that one pretty quick. Fell back asleep and had another one.

There was some investigation going on in my backyard. Apparently all these boat propellers were missing from my father's workshop out back. And for some reason we were counting what was missing and comparing those to how many drills were out there. Very weird. I remember counting and recounting and going back and forth with it. Finally everyone had given up and me and Charlie were in the back just counting some more and Charlie wanted to play. So I had him sniff a drill and told him to find me more of them. He started scratching on a closet door and I opened it for him. A bunch of pretty big balls fell out and he got all excited. So he kept playing in those and then heads rolled out from the closet. People's heads. Some with their eyes opened and mouth opened...and some were closed. One was even still alive and was telling me to kill her and put her out of her misery. When that head rolled over, I could see it was hollow inside and I could see light coming in through her eyes. Something happened after that which I don't remember, but when I looked back at the live head, her eyes had been drilled out.

I remember waking up from this dream at about 6 am. I've never had dreams before that affect me much after waking from them, but this one did. I got sick to my stomach and took it easy a bit before laying back down and going to sleep.

Weird fucking dreams...really weird. Anyway, more news coming up and pictures too.
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