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Finding Answers In Smoke Filled Rooms

I have seen Dave (i_hate_it_here) drunk. I have seen Kimberly (pookim21) drunk. I saw them both drunk tonight. Hell, I have even seen Ben (barbequed_alien) drunk.

But none of them can say they have ever seen me drunk.

Hence the more well written, more thought out post of the three of us tonight.

Although I can say that I am tired. But I can also say that tonight was fun. Fun I don't think I have had in a long time. Always fun to try new things with friends.

Jonah came into town and was a damn good guy. Really nice person and just overall friendly as fuck. But kind of a horn ball apparently as the first thing he asked me was if there was a strip club in town.....and there is. Not the best in the world...and probably well below the worst in the world, but there is one.

Expectations on this place were low. Amazing how expectations can shatter in the wee hours of the morning. That isn't to say anything except that we had fun at a place we thought we wouldn't last 30 minutes in.

We had fun, the three of us. Kimberly, Dave, and myself.

And watching us have fun and realizing it just made me think more about moving away from here. Made me think more about staying. I can't see myself giving up these people. But I am losing Dave anyway in May. Perhaps if my choice was after he left, then maybe...but I dunno.

Like Kimberly, I was also offered a job at this place. Working 2 days a week as a DJ, spinning music the girls want to dance to. I was told I could make $300 or so a night. Given that.....$600 a week ain't bad at all. And damn near makes up for what I am being offered by this new job. More shit to think about.....the last thing I needed.

I'm going back next friday to talk to the guy about the job. We'll see.

As for tonight....this was good. This will be remembered. These people will be cherished. Missed. And yes...even loved.

But through all of this tonight...there was still someone missing. Besides Ben. Someone who was missing and was missed as well. She (V) knows who (V) She (V) is.
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