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That guy....

I'm that guy.

That guy who never lets you know how he feels, but doesn't mind knowing at all how you feel.

That guy who needs you but never lets you know, because it might be a burden.

That guy who walks down the street thinking only of how the air feels.

That guy who can let the least of his problems become his worst.

That guy who says the right things but does the wrong ones.

That guy who has the history, but never uses it as an excuse.

That guy who makes promises to himself and always keeps them.

That guy who believes in love.

That guy...the hopeless romantic.

That guy who believes in everyone else, but himself.

That guy who doesn't say much, because he doesn't need to.

That guy who can look at others and smile, but cannot find it when he looks at himself.

That guy who doesn't let you know how important you are to him, but only because he can't find words to describe something that intense.

That guy who you sometimes wonder how fucking nuts he actually is.

That boy who loves his dog, like it was his brother. (Thank you, Charlie)

That guy who wished he could do more for the people in his life.

That guy who loves his parents, but never told them.

That guy who buys complete strangers a bottle of champagne because he overhears that it's their 5th anniversary.

That guy who doesn't like to show off, but hopes you notice him.

That guy who sits in the corner at social events, putting ideas in people's heads.

That guy who loves Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, & Sammy Davis Jr.

That guy who would give his life for another, but never gets the chance.

That guy who is stubborn enough to think he'll find happiness.

That guy who just might find it too.

That guy who is the voice of reason for everyone but himself.

That guy who hopes he is seen for who he is and not what he has, or how he looks.

That guy who would never in the world tell you he loves you, because he knows you never could.

That guy who wants to be a better person.

That boy who still believes in superheros & Santa Claus.

That guy who still respects a woman.

That guy who still remains the gentleman.

That guy who believes none of that means anything anymore.

That guy who wants to be everyone and everything to you.

That guy who'll always be your friend, because you could never let it be anything more.

That guy who can live with that, because he wants to see you happy, and he knows he'll never be able to give that to you.....but he'd die trying.

That guy who really does lose himself in the thought of you.

That guy who does the good deed, and silently slips away before you can thank him.

That guy who makes up for what he lost in looks with what he holds in his heart.

That guy who you'll never know, because you saw him before you knew him.

That guy who still cries when someone tells them they love him.

That guy who thinks this will change what you think of him, but accepts the chance that it won't.

That guy who promises to make you happy...even if it means he won't be.

That guy who still has his morals, but wonders if they are still worth anything anymore.

That guy who loves you.

That guy who wants to grow old with you.

That guy who loves you.


I'm that guy.
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