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Well, not much of it is what you would call intellectual film, but oh well.

Finally, I've got the classic "Pod People" on DVD. Man, the memories that film holds. Classic.

Guilty pleasure maybe...I don't care. I liked this one just as much as I loved the first one. Even better...there's no Arnold in this one.

This is an old Mel Brooks film, not too old or anything, but I remember liking it when I was younger and for $9.99 I just figured, what the hell.

Uh...yeah. I dunno...impulse buy, maybe?

If yer any fan of film what so ever, I don't have to explain to you why I bought this. If yer not, then well..this is a true classic and as such they should do more with this disc, but everyone involved with the film itself are pretty much dead or too old to remember it anyway.

Uh, I've never seen the film actually, so I dunno how this is going to be.

I can't say enough good things about this television series.

Again, another film I haven't seen, but a Psyko Robin Williams has got to be good for something.
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