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El Chupcabra, what is it?

There is some variation to the description but typically speaking El Chupacabra, which literally means the goat sucker, is about 4 ft tall, upright, fine gray to black fur, large oval eye, small spines on its back, long skinny legs that lead to a 3 toed foot, and a thirst for neatly draining animals of their blood. He’s also a smelly little guy, with a sulfur like stench.

I first became aware of El Chupacabra in 2000 when there was a rash of Chupacabra and associated military activity in Calama, Chili. The ghoulishness of this critter caught my attention. What could this be? Was it wild imagination run amok, a creation of the folklore rich cultures of the area? A misidentified animal, a dinosaur throw back? Perhaps an alien or Nasa genetic experiment as some are inclined to believe. What ever it is, it’s been being reported since 1956 and the first sighting was right here in the USA.

Oracle, Arizona to be exact. Screaming kangaroo sightings started in Oracle and spread through the southwest. They were described as having large hind legs, stubby arms, and sharp teeth. When cornered they screamed a piercing scream, hence the name. The sights occurred over several months then stopped.

Then in the 1970’s there was a rash of mutilated cattle; blood neatly drained to the last drop in Texas. It’s wasn’t only cows. Sheep, horses, dogs, chickens, and various other farm animals too were neatly drained of all their blood through 2-4 puncture wounds.

In the 1990’s a flurry of El Chupacabra sightings occurred in Puerto Rico leaving a path of bloodless carcasses in its wake. In 1995 alone, Chupacabra gets credit for over 1,000 kills. The kill scenes were often quiet, with the residents not disturbed while the killings took place. The animals, often chickens, goat, sheep, rabbits, cows, are drained of 100% of their blood through 2-4 puncture wounds. There is no trace of blood at the scene. The animal is not eaten or mauled, it’s still intact. Things are often not terribly disturbed for the magnitude of death that is left behind.

Eyewitnesses see a 4 ft, upright creature with large, bulging eyes, and claws. They are very agile and quick movers, often described as almost monkey like but not a monkey, more reptilian with almost bouncing or flying mobility. They’ve even been reported to levitate and felt to telepathically communicate with a few people they’ve encountered.

The phenomena was so strong and frequent, you can’t deny dead animals, that the Mayor of Canovanas, Jose Soto raised a posse of volunteers to hunt El Chupacabra, or whatever was killing their livestock down. The hunting parties went out each week for almost a year and came back with nothing while the killings continued.

Drainings of blood and sightings continued and jumped back to Texas, into Mexico and even up to Klamath Falls with the killing of a one week old calf who was mutilated in January of 1996.

2000 is the year that the Calama, Chili incident began. One morning, in farms across the small mining town, people awoke to find their goats, sheep, & chickens drained of all blood through 2-4 puncture wounds, bodies intact with no blood at the scene.

With this came a rash of El Chupacabra encounters. Chupa’s attacked a couple in a car, were seen carrying off dead animals, caught draining a dog. Prints of the 3-toed creatures were being found everywhere.

Calama’ officials called in the National Guard. Armed soldiers were now in the hunt for El Chupacabra. Although the strange bloodletting killings continued, the closure of the Calama airport leads to the tale that soldiers encountered a group of Chupacabras and a fight ensued in which one soldier, and two Chupacabras were killed and one Chupacabra was captured. Eggs were also discovered. They were all transported to a military barracks where they were held until NASA came. The Calama airport was closed to fly in NASA scientists. Later that night the Chupacabras and their eggs were flown out of same airport. Sounds like an X files episode but this is how fantastic the mythology around these animal mutilations has become.

Bombing of two cave regions located outside Calama are suppose to have occurred over the next week. The strange killings do still occasionally occur in the area and are all reported as Chupacabra activity.

In August of 2000 a farmer shot what is thought to be a Chupacabra on his farm outside Malpasillo, Nicaragua. He had been looking for what drained the blood from 25 of his sheep over the last 15 days. His neighbor had lost 35 more animals. The body was taken to UNAN Medical Center. It was determined to be some type of canine. When the farmer saw the body again he said it did not resemble what he had shot. The carcass was later lost.

Puerto Rico, Central, & South America continue to have strange animals deaths. They continue to blame the draining of the blood from their animals on El Chupacabra.
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