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I'm going to bed.

I have to be up at 7 and at the funeral home by 9.

Tomorrow could be a long and difficult day. If it starts out bad, it won't be getting any easier. I had the option of taking tomorrow off from work, and thinking on it now, I probably should have done so, but I'm stubborn.

One person at work knew of this most recent death. I told them the day it happened. Again offered to be off for that day, but declined, because, again, I am stubborn. Well, today, it seems as though word got out. Everyone thought he had passed today, and seemed rather surprised that this had happened a few days ago. They will shrug it off as possibly not being close with my grandfather and therefore not being affected by his death as one normally would be.

Tomorrow we will find out if they were right. Should they be right, then I will come back for my air-shift at 2pm and work till 6pm. If they are wrong, and my fear of this affecting me beyond what I was prepared for comes true, I will then come back for my air-shift at 2pm, and attempt to make it till 6pm without falling apart on the air.

Did I mention I was stubborn?
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