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Trading Spaces

So, i_hate_it_here and I were walking around last night and I gave out the idea of putting in a game room here at the house. I'd have to let go of the dream of having a pool table as the only room big enough for one is occupied by a few leather couches and one big ass television set. But still, that's okay, as I have another love...pinball.

Ever since I was a young man, I've played the silver ball. Anyway, I'd like to convert this room:

And pretty much get rid of all the furniture and stuff and line at least one wall (probably the one wall you see in the picture with the sofa in it) with nothing but pinball machines. The rest of the room would be stocked with arcade style games, most of them old school type games and maybe something new I enjoy. Not really sure as it has been a while since I have been to my local arcade. Not that I have lost my faith in arcades, but during that whole Dance Dance Revolution thing...that game just pisses me off and makes me hate those I see playing it.

In the center of the room somewhere I'd like to put in a change machine...just for novelty effect.

The problem I ran in to is selecting the games (the arcade ones, not the pinball) to go in the room. While I don't want something that will bore me or is way too hard to play, I also don't want something that can be beaten very easily and offers no replay value what so ever. I guess, like anything I try diving head first into, I will have to do some research.

Off topic, but I love shit like that. I am seriously an information junkie. Anytime I wanna know something or more about something, I just lose myself in the research of that subject. I mean, when I was buying that home theater system, it took me 6 months to a year of nothing but reading and studying and researching what I was looking at in order to make a more educated, informed, purchase. Especially in that's fun to know more than the salesman, cause trust me, when they see some kid under 25 walking into their store looking to make a $20,000 dollar purchase, they laugh it off like yer nuts, but then you start asking questions they can't answer....instead of them intemidating you, it gets reversed....and there is no better feeling than looking into the face of someone who is supposed to be well versed in his field, and watching him realize that he can do nothing but listen to you. Normally, it's the other way around, he throws out some techno mumbo-jumbo and since it's sounds all techno-ish, most people either buy or look at something different. Showrooms, with the big TV and clear picture, are there to sell you. What you see in the showroom is not what you may get in your own home. Trust yourself, not the salesman. If you are listening to surround sound speakers for a purchase, for fuck's sake turn off the goddamn television when listening. The picture is a distraction and nine times out of ten, they just jack up the volume on a system and a loud volume does not make up for shit quality. Bring your own discs for them to use in their demo. DO NOT give them control. Ever. And once again, know what the fuck you are buying...go to showrooms, write shit down and then look them up on the internet and in magazines. Trust yourself. Not the salesman.

Okay, end of rant. Now, back to my problem of what games to put in this thing. Already you know of my problem with the arcade type games...well, pinball isn't any easier.

Some games, such as the one my uncle has in his basement, are straight forward with just two flippers and maybe some bumpers at the top of the board. That's great for novelty and nostalgia, but I ain't gonna play the damn thing. Nowadays, the machines are pretty damn entertaining. And given that I will have a wall of these, maybe room for 4 or 5 of them, I can kinda go out on a limb on some. Get the "Back To The Future" pinball machine cause I love all things "Back To The Future" related. The game may suck ass, but I have 3 or 4 more to actually play....something like that. I might also like to purchase the first machine I ever played that got me hooked like crack on them...that was "Funhouse".

So, there's my idea, and I will just sit back for a while do my research...nothing will take place till maybe 6 months to a year from now on buying anything for the room.

Ideas and suggestions are welcomed...encouraged even.
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