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Time for me to go to bed. I have to be up at 4 in the morning, do my air shift, hope I get done at a decent time, drive back home, grab Charlie and then go to Birmingham.

Tomorrow is going to rape me.

I dunno if I will stay the night or not. Something aboot waking up on xmas morning to an empty's something, like last year, that I want to do. I think I am glutton for that type of punishment. As though I have to have it to remind myself that I am, at the end of it all, alone here.

Thank you to switchanmorata for the card. I got it in the mail today. Sometimes I don't think I realize how important I may be to some people....I'm sorry for that. I know I say things about myself sometimes that other people don't like for me to say.

I'll try and be a better friend to all of you.

Another thank you to pookim21 for the wonderful, big ass, "Simpsons" throw blanket thingy. The only place that had it for sale was Hot Topic and she knew I would never buy it from them due to my loyal hatred of everything that is Hot Topic. So she bought it for me.

But even with all of that, and I do appreciate all of that, it still feels like something, or perhaps someone, is missing. But not really. They are always up here in my head.

And there is soooo much comfort for them being there....and in my life as well.
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