AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Fuck me in the ass with a chainsaw.

Matt made me very angry last night when he didn't call me. He had asked to crash at my place for the night and said he'd be in by 9, which was no problem for me. So 12:30 comes around and I haven't heard from him. I call the place he used to work as he is still good friends with them and they may have contact information for him while he is here. A cell number or something. Well, the girl there told me he had gotten a hotel room. I was so tired last night and I was waiting up for him to get in, but apparently, he'd made other plans.

All I wanted was a phone call to let me know, but I couldn't even get that. Matt doesn't normally do something like this and would usually be the first to call if a change in plans had come up. But, not tonight apparently. I shouldn't be angry with Matt, but it comes at the end of a long line of stuff like this happening to me, and I just kinda got fed up with it.

I still haven't heard from him today. Don't really care that much, but again, it's unlike him.

Now..on to my dreams:

I had a dream once when I was still in high school. Actually, the dream was about high school.

This is an example of how weird my dreams can be.

I was in high school...math class of some type...and the teacher assigned us our homework. Pages whatever, problems whatever through whatever. So anyway, I wake up from my dream and I guess it was maybe a week....possibly even a month later, that I had a dream that I was back in math class with the same teacher and he asks us to turn in our homework. When someone asked me what the assignment was, I told them the page numbers and problems that we had to do. Didn't think about it, just told them...remembered it clear as day in my dream. That was very strange.

Last night's dream was similar. A few days ago I had a dream that a convicted killer (not sure who), was coming over to my home for an interview for whatever reason. And equally odd was that this interview was set up by my aunt and my grandmother.

What the fuck, right?

Well, last night I dreamed that another convicted killer was coming over. This time it was Dahmer. So for some weird reason, my aunt and grandmother wanted to have the carpets cleaned for his visit. I don't know why that is relevent, but it adds to just how weird this is. Hey, there's more.

Apparently, Anthony Hopkins has to come over during this interview as well. So, I'm in the closet looking for something to wear as though I am meeting the president or pope or something...and in walks Mr. Hopkins. He starts talking to me like Mr. Lecter, mind fucking me and whatever, but as Anthony Hopkins...not as Lecter the character.

While he rambles on at a very fast pace, about dreams no less, I'm giving him odd looks of, "Dude, shut up and help me pick out a tie."

After that, it just rambles. The guys cleaning the carpet get my entertainment center soaked and ruined, but that really isn't anything different. Ever since I bought all that shit I keep having different nightmares of how it's going to be destroyed or stolen.

Mr. Hopkins and I somehow walk back to the computer room in my house, again for reasons that are unknown to us, and find the floor a mess. We clean it up realizing that what we are cleaning are those little magnetic poem things you can buy at book stores. But there's tons of them. And to finish it off, while we're cleaning, very big black ants start to come up through the floor. Big ants...about the size of two fingers. Mr. Hopkins tells me they are harmless, but there's hundreds of them coming up through the floor...hard to see at times due to all the magnetic poem word thingys all over the floor.

It ends around there.

The night before or so I dreamed another person and I killed my old high school principal. Burned him to death...and eventually I was arrested...torn from the woman I love, and that ended up being my main concern.

See, she and I had just seen each other. She was visiting for a while and the murder had taken place about a week before she arrived...and well....we were able to spend some time together, till the police came. The thought in my mind on that was that I had ruined it. Done something stupid to ruin the happiness I was gonna have with her. I remember waking up from that dream....that felt so very real mind you, and breathing very heavily. And I remember being very glad it was only a dream.

Sometimes, while dreaming, I am able to step back and tell myself it is only a keep going with the dream if I like as nothing going on is actually real and all will be well when I wake up. It's odd how I do that. Step out of things to remind the viewer (myself), that it's only a dream and I can just open my eyes if any of it gets to be too much for me.

Sorry this was so long.
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