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It's 5am and I'm stuffing bread crumbs up a dead bird's ass

Oh look, LJ decided to work again. Oh well, can't complain too much, the thing works 95% of the time.

The day was okay. I've had better, but okay. Alarm clock didn't go off, the fucker, or well, maybe fuck me on that one. I just don't remember getting up and turning it off and then getting back into bed. Oh well, I wasn't that late getting up...maybe 15 minutes or so. Took a shower, put the hair in a tail and Charlie and I were on our way.

He did rather well in the car. Whined most of the time. Not sure why. New experience maybe, or just not knowing what was going on.

When I arrived...well, my aunt wasn't too happy to see I had brought him after she had said no when we talked about it a week ago. My uncle took myside though, which was nice, but it really was rude of me to impose on them like that with Charlie. But again, he did rather well there too.

He didn't make a mess on their deck and spent most of his time sitting in front of the French doors or sleeping on the futon out on the deck. He wasn't allowed inside due to the hardwood floor, but the deck was screened in and had a very well sized propane heater out there to keep the place warm. He did great with the girls too.

Faith & Olivia. They are only about 3 to 5 years old, not sure exactly, and it took them some time to warm up to him, but I am very proud of the way he handeled himself around them. He wasn't aggressive and sat very still while they pet him.

"Will he bite?"

"No. He won't bite you."

"Simba (their dog) bit me once when I stepped on him."

"Well, Charlie won't bite you if you step on him. He'll make a loud noise cause it hurts, but he won't bite you."

Sure enough, someone stepped on him. And yeah, he made a loud noise, but no biting. I was sleeping when this happened and was told about it later. I didn't feel to good after the meal and I didn't eat very much either.

Just before we ate, everyone was sitting at the table with the kids and their food and me and a few others were going to go put food on our plates, I walked past a picture of my mother. I hadn't seen that picture in a of the better memories....took me off guard and I almost had to go to the bathroom and just cry. I held it in as best I could, not really wanting to ruin things for everyone and just kind of sucked it up. Wish I hadn't. I should have just fallen to the floor and wept right there in front of everyone. I dunno, maybe it's better I didn't. Especially for my gandmother. She worries most about me than anyone else and also feels more helpless than anyone because all of the conditions that come with age. She can't really move to well.

They asked about xmas, if I was going to be able to come up......I told them not to count on it. I have other plans.
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