AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Please Don't Ask Me........ makes me sick to think about it really. Goes against my beliefs and what not, but it is also something the must happen. So, given the past few weeks, I've slowly been building up the courage to do what I must do. And it doesn't really take courage more than it does a will to go through with it. To the bitter end. And not to come back. Ever.

For myself, it's something I have to do. And granted it isn't the best time in the world to begin a journey such as this, but putting it off will get me nowhere.

*sigh* Writing about it just makes me hate myself more it seems. So I'll stop.

And this post is vauge for a reason. And the reason behind this post will not be known for some time. And you might not care, which is probably for the best. And this post isn't directed to anyone but myself.
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