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Verbal Vomit

Lately I've been stuck in the past, in case you couldn't tell from all those pictures I've been posting. And there is tons more on the way.

There are some good stories behind those pictures and you can read them all from the web page I stole them's called Yesterday Land.

As far as my personal life's been going. It's so so. Nothing to rant and rave about. Nothing to be excited about. Nothing at all.

I'm off this weekend, which is nice cause I'm gonna get ass fucked from thanksgiving to xmas....better break out the lube.

I have no plans for this weekend so if someone was thinking of spending time with me, this weekend would be nice. You all know who you are.

It's our boss' birthday today. Happy Birthday, Hitler. Actually, I came in this morning and when I was handed the card to sign, I just gave it back. I refused to sign it like the rest of the masses.

I've been thinking way too much recently. About life and my future. I was driving by some very nice neighborhoods today going to my remote and started thinking about moving there or just living nice like that and with a wife and stuff. I usually just shake that stuff off and try to think of something else. The possibility of marriage for me is slim to none honestly, but I see myself one day wed to the woman of my dreams.

Those were some nice houses though. I imagine myself with my beloved having the place decorated to fit our twisted tastes. Ahh...I get a stiffy just thinking about it.

So, I had to broadcast from a church this morning...a church with ungodly amounts of money. I saw their future plans for expansion and it looks more like a compound than a church...fucking huge. The only respect I have for massive amounts of money being spent on places of worship are Cathedrals. The one in Georgetown is really nice.

The people there were nice. It was for collecting toys and things for children all over the world...but it wasn't Toys For Twats. It was some other organization. Anyway, the people there wanted me to do one of my breaks with some of the kids there who were donating their own toys and things. One was this very sweet little girl....shy as hell, but really wanted to talk on the radio. Victoria was her name. Beautiful name. Beautiful girl.

While I was there a wreck took place several yards away. Loud crash and this truck bouncing off the road. It never had before, but almost instinctively I reached for my cell phone and called 911. I don't think anyone was hurt as I never saw an ambulance arrive at the scene, but I could have missed it. I was in and out of the church during the entire time.

I'm still up in the air about what I do tonight. Dana was really begging me big time to come out tonight to Paradox for the two bands she has brought to town. I want her to succeed so bad it hurts. She's trying so hard to give us all some place to go and she's done a great job of doing so. Unfortunately...the club that hosts these shindigs isn't happy.

I hate this town.

I hate these people. Sounds harsh, but I hate the general public. I can't stand nightclubs and crowded bars. I can't stand shopping malls and places where masses of people cram together. About the only tolerance I have of such things are concerts and conventions. And theme parks. Fuckin' roller-coasters rock.

Ugh...that's enough verbal spewage for today. I've wasted enough of your time already.
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