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Trip has been canceled. Charlie needs a pill 3 times a day and I'm just going to go some other time. tresluxe, I owe you a visit. The ticket is good for a year from the date of purchase which was Sunday, and I can use to go where ever.

My left eye is still twitching. On and off again. I dunno why. Never been this bad. Might have something to do with hitting my head and passing out that day. But again, I dunno. It's not really life threatening....just annoying.

I just found out the state of Alabama has a city called "Equality"....I think that's funny.

I haven't hung out with pookim21 in what feels like forever. Job, School, Family, & Relationship is more important to her....just as it should be. By the way, Kim, you've got a "Sopranos" waiting on you when you get around to it.

I have to work for what looks like 2 hours on Saturday afternoon. Not bad.

My aunt my come down this weekend. Actually, she would if I asked her to. At the moment, I'm not up for company, but I may change my mind.

I have to be at a bar in about 30 minutes for a remote. Any of you locals wanna stop by, I'll be at Michael's Pub till 8.

That is all for now I guess. I'm kinda moody at the moment. Sorry if it shows.
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