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So, I had to do a broadcast out at a Burlington Coat Factory here in town. Not much of a remote nor a weekend for that matter as rainy as it is. Which, I don't really care too much what the weather's like so long as it's cool. And today, it was.

At the moment....massive headache. I tend to get them on the weekends here lately, be it either on Saturday or Sunday. I've got to be here in the studio for another 2hrs & 15 minutes so that should help it a lot. ( you missed it)

While I was there, at the remote, I did look at some coats. I'm kinda looking for a variety of things here to wear this winter. Last year, or well, the year before last, I had basically one coat. A nice double-breasted dress coat that I wore as an everyday jacket type thing. Needless to say, it has now been retired. I bought a leather biker jacket (see icon above) late winter of last year. I'm still looking for a long leather jacket....kinda "Matrix"-like. Long, flowing, leather, very little in the pocket department. Just kinda simple. I also want one with buckle straps all the way across the front, instead of buttons or a zipper or whatever.

I also saw a nice London Fog coat as well. Very nice, long, cashmere, double-breasted coat. I'm thinking maybe 3 or 4 coats for this year....just something different instead of the same thing everytime I go out. I need options.

By the way, anyone know where I can get that "Matrix"-like jacket I mentioned above?
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