AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I'm really tired...and I think, very negative.

Last night's saving grace from doing that boring ass, god-fucking-awful night show was seeing "Reign Of Fire" & "Road To Perdition" afterwards. Well, "Reign Of Fire" wasn't much redemption as it sucked ass. It wasn't really an action movie as it was a waiting-for-action movie. It was good seeing Christian Bale on screen again, but for me, he'll forever be Patrick Bateman. Great fucking character. As for "Road To Perdition", we cracked on that movie more than the dragon one, but fuck that was just a great movie. Granted we pretty much knew what was going to happen next, but the way Sam Mendes, the director, pulled off the was just beautifully filmed. And of course, Thomas Newman's score fit the film very well, as always.

I got in bed at 5 this morning and got right back up at 9 to get to work and do a Noon-to-Six shift, which I am currently in the middle of at the moment. I woke this morning pretty pissy, but I dunno...I'm feeling better for some reason. Hmm...that shouldn't last long.
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