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I hate damn near 90% of the music we play here at the station. Most of you know that. Thing is, I can tell if something is really good, or at least good enough to get air play. When the first singles of both American Idols came in...the one from both Reuben and from Clay, we passed on them, even though tons of people wanted to hear them, they just didn't mesh with the station and what we were playing. So, about 4 or 5 months later we get a new single in...from Clay no less.

Now, I hate the song. It's not my personal taste for it, but for the target audience we are looking for....well, I hate to say it, but's great. It's really, really good. The beginning of the cut is a little iffy at best, cause for some reason I can only see Clay as being successful on stage doing theater. He's got a great voice for being on Broadway or whatever. Michael Crawford like good...almost. You get my point though.

Still, our audience...women 12 to like 30 will love it. And I'm sure women reading this fall into that age group so it doesn't mean that you'll like it. But imagine if you loved nothing but top 40 stuff...Timberlake and Christina and whoever the hell that frame of mind, you'd go nuts over this cut.

Anyway, I just recorded it into our system and it'll probably start rotation tomorrow.
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