AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Eats Yer Spinach

Man, lot to cover today.

So, I bought a few books last weekend.

This one is sitting on the back of the toilet in the bathroom. It's potty reading but good reading. I figure if I am gonna sit in there for ever how long, I can at least educate myself. Plus, it's just really good stories in there.

I also picked this up:

I haven't read it or heard much about it, but the writer, Alan Moore, is a fantastic writer. He wrote what is considered the Bible of comics....this:

Great book...just great. I'm sure some people on my friends list into comics have read this and if you haven't...for shame...go do it now.

Now for the DVDs...I mean, it is Tuesday, so here's what was picked up:

Don't laugh or I'll fucking kill you. I love the movie.

Not really a movie, but a documentary on how a movie can just be shot to hell. This film was never made...and this is film of why it was never made. explaination is needed, is it?

I hate Adam Sandler...unless he's on SNL, but otherwise I can't stand the fucker. But this film got a good recommendation from a friend of mine so I'm going on that. Good luck to me.

Again, don't laugh or I'll kill you. I grew up on this film, watching The Disney Channel and seeing this car...I dunno, it's childhood and I like going back there a lot.

Well, I've heard good things on the Adult Swim community here on LJ for this show...Cowboy Bebop, and that other one I wanted to get a long time ago, but never did. So, I said, what the hell, ya know?
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