AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

It's Q & A Time!!!!

This time around, we tackle these questions:

Is there a method for walking over hot coals?

What is shagging dead animals called?

How long was the longest ever recorded male orgasm?

Is there a method for walking over hot coals? Or is it simply mind over matter?

Tolly Burkan: Actually, neither; it’s mind in matter. It is all about doing things with your mind which alter the electro-chemical balance of your brain. Observe someone entertaining a few sexual fantasies, and you yourself can instantly see how the mind can change the electrochemical state of the brain. Then the central nervous system relays that electrochemical change to the body systems and cells of your being.

You can have physical experiences when nothing physical is impacting you. The human body has a mechanism to cool itself. Respiration, perspiration and circulation all play a part in this process and all are connected to the brain, which is obviously influenced by the mind. This is not mind over matter, but rather mind in matter. People have walked on coals measured at 2200ºF – engine blocks for cars are made by pouring molten metal at 1100ºF – without harm.

I have always wondered… shagging animals is bestiality, and shagging dead people is necrophilia… so what is shagging dead animals called??? I need to know what laws I’m breaking!

Brendan Fitzmaurice: Although bestiality is the term for having intercourse with an animal and necrophilia is the accepted term for intercourse with a dead body they are not the names of specific criminal offences under English law. This is not to say that they are not criminal offences, just that they would be prosecuted under different areas of the law. Bestiality would have been prosecutable under the definition ‘buggery with an animal’ (under the Sexual Offences Act 1956) and a necrophile would have been prosecuted under the category ‘outraging public decency’.

The laws that cover buggery with an animal are not actually specific about whether or not the animal has to be alive for the offence to have been committed. Therefore it is more likely you would be prosecuted for outraging public decency. A new sexual offences bill is currently being drafted and it will introduce specific crimes of necrophilia and bestiality. Both offences will carry a maximum two-year sentence.

How long was the longest ever recorded male orgasm, and how much semen does a man generate in a lifetime?

Dr Wanda: As all gentleman of a sexually sophisticated nature know, orgasm is entirely different to ejaculation and when a well-controlled boy-toy cums without making a sticky mess, his love truncheon maintains its strength and resists the urge to shrivel to eunuch proportions. In one study there was a man who reported having at least 16 orgasms in a row without going droopy.

The average young man produces 120million sperm a day. The volume of the swimming pool these tadpoles are bathing in depends on the number of and time between ejaculations on the day. I’d estimate an an average of just under a mouthful.
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